Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul

Carrier Ethernet

To support new LTE expansions and builds for an all IP/Ethernet fiber backhaul network, Transition Networks offers a series of intelligent Network Interface Devices (NIDs) in both stand-alone and chassis based models.

Built for complete end-to-end connectivity fault and performance management, each multiport NID can be independently provisioned for IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag and ITU Y.1731. These devices support IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE, methods needed to ensure synchronization requirements, while providing stability for base station frequency and handovers.

These cost effective devices reduce your OpEx & CapEx while ensuring superior performance, high availability and SLA assurance all supported by Transition Networks expert technical support team and industry leading warranty. warranty.

Circuit Emulation Services (CES)

Next generation Ethernet networks are being deployed on a large scale. However, there are still supplementary 2G & 3G base stations already in service. Transition Networks offers a complete "carrier class" CES platform that helps converge TDM to Ethernet utilizing either SAToP or CESoP technology.

Available in a wide range of Ethernet and T1/E1 interfaces these products offer highly-accurate distributed clocking features that exceed ITU G.823 synchronization standards. CES is optimized for new mobile services, while retaining investments in legacy backhaul equipment.

Transition Networks CES products are designed for ultra-low latency and have advanced clock recovery algorithms for critical timing and synchronization required in mobile backhaul networks. CES provides a means to converge any TDM service (Voice, Video, Data) to any IP, MPLS or Ethernet network transport.