MDS Master Station

MDS Master Station
The MDS Master Station is a licensed wireless communication system built on a highly modular component protection framework to maximize network availability for critical applications. The Master Station utilizes the MDS Orbit operating system with its advanced networking and security capabilities to ensure a highly flexible and secure operation of the network.

  • Maximized network availability with 1+1 transceiver protection and hot-swappable, modular components
  • Flexibility of integration into MDS SD series, MDS X710/X790 as well as Orbit LN** radio technologies

Reliability and Modularity

•1+1 transceiver redundancy with warm standby and fast radio failover
•Redundant power supply & antenna options
•Hot-swappable components
•Operation from -30 to +60 °C
•Rated for continuous operation
•No moving parts or fans
•Battery backup option

Radio Flexibility

•Support for GE MDS SD4 and SD9 radio technologies covering the 300-512 MHz and 820-960 MHz bands
•MDS X710/X790 backward compatibility
•Support for Orbit LN4, LN9, LN7, LN2 radio technology covering the 330-520Mhz, 896-960Mhz, and 200Mhz bands **
•Optional internal duplexer
•Connectivity for additional notched filter

Advanced Networking and Security

•Orbit OS operating system with advanced routing, switching, Quality of Service capabilities
•Best in-class cyber security suite including firewalling, RF Encryption, IPSec VPNs, X.509 certificates with key rotation, secure boot and firmware