GAE EMG 50 Digital Energy Power Meter


  • LCD Display
  • Adjustable CT and PT
  • Harmonic measurement up to 51st
  • Programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Programmable alarm output
  • 4 digit password entry
  • Harmonics to the 51st order
  • Total Harmonic Distortion measurement
  • Phasor Diagram and Waveform Capture
  • RS485 communication
  • Real time clock
  • Multi tariff meters
  • Waveforms Phasor diagram
  • Maximum, mininum, average and energy values for hourly, daily and monthly for each phase
  • Data Logging with time stamp up to 1 MB memory and alarm recording


  • Dual Source Energy Measurement : recording and displaying the consumption of the energy from two different sources; network and generator.
  • Multi Tariff Energy Measurement : user can use these sub-tariffs in order to measure energy consumption for different shifts in a facility.
  • Signal Analyzing : advanced monitoring of current and voltage waveforms, monitoring signal disturbances, detailed analyze of phase relationships.
  • Demand Management : measuring demand values for active power with date and time helps identifying time periods when energy use is very high so that unnecessary and unexpected costs can be detected andreduced.