GAE EMG 25 Digital Energy Power Meter


  • LCD Display
  • Adjustable CT and PT
  • Harmonic measurement up to 31st
  • Programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Programmable alarm output
  • 4 digit password entry
  • Harmonics to the 31st order
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (%) measurement
  • RS485 communication


  • Harmonic Management
  • Harmonics must be measured instantaneously and isolated from the source when it is necessary.
  • Counting Quantities
  • Production quantity can be collected by a limit switch or a dry contact coming from a proximity sensor thanks to digital input feature.
  • Load Management by alarm relay output : fully programmable alarm function for any electrical parameter which is measured by the product, gives you opportunity to define pickup set point, dropout set point and time delay in order to detect a fault condition and prevent it with activating alarm outputs before it's too late.